Considerations for Therapy

Newborn – Age 4

  • Premature
  • Lack of Babbling
  • Lack of Eye Contact
  • Hard Time Imitating Speech or Motor Movement
  • Not Talking or Walking By 15 Months
  • Trouble Eating or Drinking

School Age

  • Difficulty Sitting in Chairs
  • Has Trouble Following Basic Directions & Answering Questions Appropriately
  • Can Not Tell a Story With a Good Beginning, Middle and End
  • Handwriting Not Legible By 3rd Grade
  • All Speech Sounds Not Clear By Age 8

Middle / High School Age

  • Difficulty Understanding Facial Expressions, Social Cues, Body Language, and Verbal Cues
  • Difficulty Organinizing Ideas
  • Difficulyt Making and Keeping Friends